Our Objectives

  • Establish a new model of transitional childcare; help orphans too old for an orphanage integrate successfully into mainstream life.
  • Not only provide material care, but also address the holistic needs of these children (emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical health).
  • Ensure an adequate level of education and training/job skills, and allow for realistic job placement.
  • Provide highly trained and effective staff who see the potential and dignity in the lives of orphans.
  • Provide staff who serve not only as workers, but also as mentors who nurture, guide, and advocate for these children.
  • Serve as an example to all of St. Petersburg; demonstrate what is possible in childcare, beyond the current norm.
  • Empower Russians to staff and manage such a project long-term.
  • Establish a new model of relevant evangelism for the Russian church.

Our Goals

  • Secure four permanent apartments, each housing eight young adult orphans and full-time mentors.
  • Develop a Professional Training Center offering degrees in twelve professions.
  • Train leaders for 200 programs within Russia and another 100 in the other CIS nations.
  • Financially support the program through businesses and endowments.