Alex’s travel schedule

November 25 – December 1st: Thanksgiving in OH

December 2-7th still to determine. I might either go to Washington DC area or Atlanta, GA.

December 11-16th visiting Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

December 19-27 visiting Lafayette, LA

December 29 – January 3rd in Columbus, OH

January 3rd or 4th going to St. Petersburg, Russia

February planning on going to Germany: dates still to be determine

March planning on going to Paris, France: dates still to be determine

April 1-14th potentially going to Israel

April 15th back in the states: Columbus, OH

April 25th – May 12th visiting Texas

Stay tuned for more travel updates. If you would like for me to come to your church or home to share about The Harbor please let me know.

July 3rd – October 3rd back in St. Petersburg, Russia