May 2016 Update

This is The Harbor recent update. Hope you will be moved by all that God is doing. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey. Help us to spread the word so that we can keep reaching the lost souls. Blessings! Update

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March 2016 Update

Here is our latest update on the ministry. Update (click on the word update) Thank you for your partnership and friendship with us. Be blessed!

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January – February 2016 Update

Harbor January – February 2016 Update: I hope that you would enjoy it and share with others. Help us to spread the word and find more partners so that we can reach the lost souls. Thank you! Click on Update

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Christmas 2015 Update

This is our latest and the final update for 2015. Merry Christmas! Click on the word: Update to read the letter Blessings and thank you for your partnership with The Harbor in 2015.

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Thanksgiving 2015 Update

This is our latest update on what God is doing through The Harbor. Please check out our video links that are provided in the update. Thanksgiving Update 2015

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Melinda’s Newsletter – September 2015

Harbor NL Septmber 2015 Click on the link above to read the latest update. Your faithfulness, kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. Together we are changing the lives and building a new future for many lost souls. Thank you!

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June – July 2015 Update

This is our latest update. Please click on the link: Update Also do not forget to click under Graduation Celebration 2015 to watch a short video.

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April – May 2015 Update

This is our latest email update. In case if you are not receiving it via email. Thank you for all that you do by investing into eternal treasures. Please share with your friends, family, churches, or with whomever you think has an interest in such ministry. We need the prayer warriors and financial partners to […]

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