Long Term Goals

  • By 2018, assist in opening an additional 4 models of the Harbor in Russia.
  • By 2020, buy a building to start kindergarten for our young mother’s program
  • By 2020, we want to train 150 orphans, ages 10-18 on a weekly basis in 12 different vocations and further the development of the hand-made products that will support the VTC.
  • By 2020, we also want to become a self-sustained ministry by raising 50 percent of financial support locally. By 2025, we want to be fully sustained and raise 100 percent of support through businesses, corporations, churches, and individuals.
  • By 2020 assist in opening another 4 models in the CIS.
  • Train 40 additional leaders from Russia and CIS.

The staff consists of full-time paid 13, teachers at VTC paid by hour is 5, and 7 is volunteers.

Progress So Far

  • Monthly individual partners in the states: 105
  • Annual individual partners in the states: 110
  • Church partners in the states: 5
  • Church partners in Russia:
  • Monthly individual partners in Russia: 7
  • Monthly corporate/business partners in Russia: 3
  • Volunteers in Russia: 10-15 per year (avg.) 
  • Harbor graduates working at The Harbor: 1
  • Harbor graduates active in the community by giving back through supporting or volunteering: 7% of 185 grads 
  • Facilities owned by the Harbor in St. Petersburg: 3 residential apartments and 1 building for VTC 
  • Facilities leased by the Harbor in St. Petersburg: 1 residential apartment 
  • Harbor models: Kursk, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, Razyan, Khabarovsk, Voronezh 
  • Trained leaders by the Harbor to replicate the model: over 40 (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Kyrgistan) 
  • Ministries working with older orphans trained by the Harbor: 2 (Moscow and Krivoy Rog, Ukraine)