Outreach Programs

Residential Program

Houses orphans ages 18-23 in apartments. Live-in staff provide guidance, a home, and a platform for experiencing family life.

Vocational Training Center

Younger orphans are exposed to various career options for the first time in their lives.

Younger and older orphans learn valuable skills such as carpentry, English, sewing, cosmetology, computer, etc. For some these skills will simply be additional life skills. Others are using these skills to acquire supplemental income ie.(doing haircuts for friends). Still others are attempting to develop small businesses out of these skills (computer services, beauty salon, art boutique).

Local businessmen/women are brought in to discuss themes such as resumes, interviewing, dressing for success, and business ethics.

Young Mothers Program

Guidance and counseling is provided to young, mostly single, mothers-all of whom grew up as orphans or in troubled homes.

Follow-Up Program

An intentional program to follow up with graduates of The Harbor designed to provide them with continued development of life skills, advocacy, support and community.

Mentorship Through Sport – More Than Soccer

A program that focuses on mentoring and discipling young men ages 15-23.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

A nine month preventative program in the orphanages that teaches kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.