Standing in the Gap

Tens of thousands of orphans in Russia are moved out of state institutions each year at age 17. Most of these orphans enter a cycle of self destruction, often falling into a life of crime. Many of these stories end in suicide. The founders of The Harbor recognized a profound gap exists between the orphanage and life outside. The Harbor fills this gap by placing orphans in residential family-style communities, giving them an education, and teaching them skills necessary to maintain a home and thrive in Russian society.

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Providing Family

“A family is a haven of rest, a sanctuary of
peace and most of all a harbor of love.”
-Manny Feldman


Melinda’s Newsletter – September 2015

Harbor NL Septmber 2015 Click on the link above to read the latest update. Your faithfulness, kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. Together we are changing the lives and building a new future for many lost souls. Thank you!

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June – July 2015 Update

This is our latest update. Please click on the link: Update Also do not forget to click under Graduation Celebration 2015 to watch a short video.

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