Standing in the Gap

Tens of thousands of orphans in Russia are moved out of state institutions each year at age 17. Most of these orphans enter a cycle of self destruction, often falling into a life of crime. Many of these stories end in suicide. The founders of The Harbor recognized a profound gap exists between the orphanage and life outside. The Harbor fills this gap by placing orphans in residential family-style communities, giving them an education, and teaching them skills necessary to maintain a home and thrive in Russian society.

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Providing Family

“A family is a haven of rest, a sanctuary of
peace and most of all a harbor of love.”
-Manny Feldman


Christmas 2015 Update

This is our latest and the final update for 2015. Merry Christmas! Click on the word: Update to read the letter Blessings and thank you for your partnership with The Harbor in 2015.

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Alex’s schedule for the remaining 2015

Atlanta, GA – December 2-7th Chicago, IL – December 10-14th Milwaukee and greater area, WI – December 15-18th St. Petersburg, Russia – January 15th – March 15th, 2016

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