Our Vision

To restore the thousands of lives branded as hopeless, to their God-given potential, and to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment among Russia’s at-risk children and turn them into productive citizens.

Our Mission

Changing the lives of young adult orphans for successful integration, creating a healthy society in which we want to live, where an individual and a family are of primary value.

The Harbor - St. Petersburg

The Need

Numbers help illustrate the grim reality…

In the 21st century, Russia still has a significant crisis with at-risk children. When they turn 16 and 18, orphans are moved out of the state institutions and forced to make a way for themselves. Most don’t succeed. Even when they receive an apartment from the government, most lack the tools to survive independently. The result? A generation of young adult orphans gives birth to the next generation of orphans.

  • Thousands of children are orphaned every year.
  • Thousands of orphans leave the Russian state orphanage system annually.
  • An estimated 40% of post-institution orphans become alcohol and drug addicts, 40% end up in the criminal world, and 10% commit suicide.

Shattering Stigmas

We are called to find the young adult orphans forgotten and neglected by their nation and the international community. Branded “hopeless,” these orphans are too old for adoption internally. Yet, we find them in the orphanages and know they are far from hopeless. The Harbor shatters the national stigma placed upon orphans, unveiling their God-given worth, dignity, and potential.