Our Objectives

  • Establish a new model of transitional childcare; assist aged out orphans to integrate successfully into mainstream life and also be a support base for children aging out from foster families.
  • Not only provide material care, but also address the holistic needs of these children (emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical health).
  • Ensure an adequate level of education and training/job skills and allow for realistic job placement.
  • Provide highly trained and effective staff who see the potential and dignity in the lives of orphans.
  • Provide staff who serve not only as workers, but also as mentors who nurture, guide, and advocate for these children.
  • Serve as an example to all of St. Petersburg and other regions in Russia; demonstrate what is possible in childcare, beyond the current norm.
  • Empower Russians to staff and manage such a project long-term.
  • Establish a new model of relevant evangelism for the Russian church.

Our Goals

  • To grow newly established Russian endowment fund to 300 million rubles, which will allow to sustain the ministry long-term.
  • Develop a Professional Training Center, which will train and replicate the successful model.
  • Become self-sustained ministry by raising 50 percent of local financial support by 2030 through local businesses, foundations, churches, individuals, and endowment fund.

Accomplished Goals

  • Purchased three residential apartments that allow us to consistently run the program and assist on average of 16 young adult orphans to successfully integrate into mainstream life.
  • Purchased a vocational training center building that allows us to consistently run the program and provide training and a job placement on average to 125 orphans.
  • Continued to maintain a success rate of 90%.
  • Five percent of our graduates are active members of society.
  • Trained many cities in Russia and the CIS, and five satellite programs are running in Russia and in the CIS.
  • In 2021, registered an endowment fund The Harbor in Russia.

Our Strategy for Growth

Our strategy for growth is designed according to our understanding of God’s plan for the Church and the nations. We do not believe God calls The Harbor to grow endlessly, recreating another institution for these young adults. Instead, we believe that we are to grow to a capacity of 16 full-time residents, no more. Limiting our growth will enable us to maintain our focus on family and highly individualized and comprehensive programming.

However, we do desire to reproduce The Harbor throughout St. Petersburg, other regions in Russia, and the CIS, multiplying the number of orphans reached and empowered.