Our Staff

Melinda Cathey
Co-Founder and Consultant/Educator for Trauma Informed Care
Melinda has lived in St. Petersburg since 1992 with her husband, Mark, and their three children. Prior to their time in Russia, Melinda lived in the U.S. and practiced individual, family, and marriage counseling in a variety of settings. Her caseload has included victims of incest, adult children of alcoholics, addiction, depression, and numerous family and marital issues. She received her MA in Counseling Psychology from Trinity International University in 1985.
Alex Krutov
Co-Founder & CEO
Abandoned by his mother when he was just a month old, Alex was placed in the Russian state orphanage system. His tumultuous childhood included adoption, abuse, running away, living on the streets, and a return to the orphanage system. Since that time, Alex has earned an AS degree in Business Administration Management. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Franklin University (Columbus, OH) in 2005.
In 2011,  Infinitely More, by Alex Krutov as told to Jackie Davis, has been published by Whitecaps Media.

Oleg Krasnikov
National Director
Oleg Krasnikov was born in 1983 and raised in Kazakhstan. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from St. Petersburg Christian University, and he is married with three children. In 1993, his family moved to Lipetsk, Russia where they attended a Baptist church where later they accepted the Lord. In 1999, he accepted the Lord at a Christian youth camp and began to work with youth. After high school, he studied at Bryansk Bible College for one year. Oleg then returned to Lipetsk where he ministered at a Christian mission, organized youth ministry at a church and also worked at a Christian camp. Currently, he is a minister at the Resurrection Church in Pushkin, leading youth and music ministries. In 2011, he will graduate from a state university with a degree in law. Oleg has served The Harbor since 2006.

Daria Vasilyeva
Girls Residential Program Director
A graduate of The University of Bremen, Germany with a Master of Science degree in Applied Polar and Marine Sciences, Daria worked as a research scientist and engineer at the Institue for Arctic and Antartic Research. Her dream was to be famous polar scientist. However, she felt a nudge of God to go back to church. After deciding to turn her life over to the Lord, she realized He had different plans for her life. She began teaching English in a Russian school and in a hospital for low functioning orphans. There her heart was turned toward helping orphans. She is delighted to be the new Director for the girls residential program.

Zhenya Shishkina
Director of Vocational Training Center
Zhenya was born in Udmurtia – which is the central part of Russia – to a large, wonderful family. She has a degree in Sociology – Anthropology from a State University in St. Pete’s and after graduating, became a sociology anthropology teacher. She then completed Masters and Ph.D. Since 2006, she has been teaching as a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology disciplines. She has worked in various higher education institutions like Saint Petersburg State University of Pedagogic and Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. She started her work at the Harbor in 2015 as the Director of Vocational Training Center, which teaches the orphans additional life and work skills/vocations. She coordinates different groups and also teaches the children from orphanages basic professions and life skills, tutors them in various school subjects and socializes them for the real world. While it is sometimes challenging, she absolutely loves her work.

Irina Limonova
National Director of Development and Marketing
Irina was born and raised in Siberia. At the age of 15, she became a Christian and dedicated her life to being a Sunday school teacher and a youth leader at her church. After getting her degree in linguistics (Russian language and literature), she became a missionary in Tuva. For two years she travelled around Tuva, helping to create new Sunday schools and educating local teachers. After having this amazing experience, she moved to St. Petersburg and enrolled in a Christian University. She then became one of the first volunteers of the Harbor and worked with our residential program participants. Years later, she joined the Harbor’s team as the National Director of Development. Irina also has a degree in marketing from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Inholland University (Netherlands).

Natalia Kalugina
While earning a Masters degree in Counseling from St. Petersburg State University, Natalia struggled to figure out how she would combine her faith with her profession. Through working in a shelter for orphans during her last year practicum, Natalia began to see the value of her education, particularly in the area of child psychology. Some friends introduced her to The Harbor and she began working with us as a professional counselor in 2005.

Amy Krutov (DeWitt)
Born in MN, moved at the age of 13 to Arlington, WA. Graduated with BS in Business Administration. Passed the CPA exam and became a licensed CPA. Worked for five years in Seattle as a CPA before moving to Siberia, Russia. Completed two-year Russian language program in Siberia at a local linguistics university. Joined The Harbor in St. Petersburg in October 2017 and been instrumental in doing the financial reports for the Board, teaching English and baking classes. Amy and Alex Krutov got married in August 2018. 

Dmitriy Frolov
Boys Residential Program Director
Dmitriy Frolov was born in Primorye, but grew up in both Belarus and Kazakhstan. When he was 15 years old, Frolov gave his life to the Lord and three years later in Volgograd, he was baptized on the Volga River. The day after his baptism, he went to serve at a Christian camp and received his second baptism with the full ministry emersion. Frolov then went to a Bible school while a new church was opening in the center of the city. After finishing Bible school, Frolov decided to stay there to work for a year. He then went to St. Petersburg Christian University, where he graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Shortly after graduating, Frolov married his wife, Valentina, and the two started a new church on Vasiliy Island in St. Pete. A year later, the couple decided to pass the church on to a new group of well-trained people and moved to Volgograd, where Frolov worked at a Bible school. Shortly after starting his new job, Frolov became an assistant to the senior pastor. A year later, he received a call to return to St. Pete to organize a new church.

Today, Frolov and his wife have five children: Margarita, Mark, Taras, Dana and Bella. He’s worked with the youth groups, organizing various clubs and athletic events. His family has also fostered an older orphan. After hearing about the Harbor, Frolov was offered a position to work as an Assistant Director at the Boys’Residential. He feels blessed to be part of this ministry and use his experiences in helping the young adult orphans become who God wants them to be.